We construct strategies that effectively leverage time, money, people and ideas. This includes the planning, alignment, sourcing and installation of campaign operations.

RightPath serves as your Chief Executive Officer and candidate liaison to source and partner with vendors, consultants, and build a campaign management team to execute your campaign plan.

We develop a voter-focused messaging strategy and partner with the best communication providers and media buyers to ensure successful execution across all mediums: Digital/Social Media, TV/Radio, Direct Mail, and Phones.

Our team builds a solid financial plan, budget and timeline to expedite overall strategy as well as appoints and provides oversight for the finance team to ensure successful plan execution.

RightPath consultants conduct ongoing candidate research, as well as conduct polling initiatives for district, candidate, and issue management.

We provide oversight for ongoing operations, communications and grassroots initiatives, and partner with legal and financial compliance officers to adhere to federal, state and local regulations and requirements.

Scott Rials

Scott Rials

Scott Rials has a background that combines extensive campaign success for nearly 20 years and has earned a solid reputation for developing, leading and executing proven, winning strategies.

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    Katie Rials

    Katie Rials

    Katie Rials has spent over 15 years in the corporate arena, working with Fortune 500 companies and small, privately held organizations.

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      David Perdue

      In today’s large, complex campaign environment, I have found that Scott and his team have the ability to stay focused and levelheaded in the midst of constant change. Entering a political campaign as an outsider, it was extremely valuable to draw upon their level of knowledge and experience. On a personal level, I appreciated having someone who acted selflessly to give me honest advice as a candidate and perspective on what was best for the campaign.

      We were up against a ten-year incumbent who was considered unbeatable and RightPath was one of the few consultant teams who were willing to take this challenge on. As a first-time candidate, I’d say we ran the best campaign in the country and won this race the right way, with skill and integrity.

      Barry Loudermilk

      The knowledge and experience that RightPath brought to our campaign was indispensable. From setting up and getting the ball rolling, all the way through the Primary, Runoff and General Election victories, they were a steady source of wisdom and guidance in all aspects of the campaign. They bring to the table a political sense and process understanding that is essential to winning.

      Gary Black

      The team at RightPath care about their candidates, the message, the mission and the future direction of our country. They possess wisdom, integrity and will not match their skill sets with a candidate who does not embrace the same. Success and responsibility for a campaign begins and ends with the candidate. But any prospective candidate who interviews the RightTeam team will soon discover that interviews are a two-way street. It is more than a business to them – they know our country’s future is at stake.